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CA Partnership Academies Annual Report (CAPAAR)

The CA Partnership Academies Annual Report (CAPAAR) determines the amount of qualified students in the CPA program.


The filing of an Annual Report to CDE is mandatory for schools participating in the California Partnership Academies (CPA) program. In order to facilitate the collection of the Annual Report and to ensure the accuracy of the data contained in the Reports, we have implemented an automated system. The increase in the number of academies has made the processing of Academy data in a timely manner nearly impossible. Current projections for growth in the number of academies further support the use of an automated system.


Each academy coordinator/lead teacher and the school principal will receive a user name and password for access to their Academy Annual Report in the system. The passwords will be sent by U.S. mail to ensure receipt of and confidentiality of code information.

  • Upon completion of all sections of the Annual Report (PDF) , select SUBMIT. Please make sure that the date on the Signature Page (PDF) is the same as the date of electronic submission to the CDE.
  • Print a copy of the annual report along with the Signature Page. Share the report with the superintendent and obtain appropriate approvals and signatures.
  • Keep the printed report for your records. The only document you need to submit to the CDE is the original signature page. Send only the original signature page to:

    California Department of Education
    High School Innovations and Initiatives Office
    CPA Annual Report Submission
    1430 N Street Suite 4202
    Sacramento, CA 95814

CAPAAR System and Instructions

These pages provide information for filling the Business-Community Match and the District Match sections in the CAPAAR report.

The following link will take you to the online Annual Report system:

Entering Data

Users should review the menu in order to organize their data entry work. Most academies will find the need to set aside a substantial amount of time for the Student Data section. Once completed, we anticipate that schools will not need to reenter the personal data for existing students as the system update will automatically “promote” these students each year they remain in the academy. Instead, academies will only need to enter new student information and current attendance, grade, and activity information for students.


Please carefully read the “Confidentiality Agreement” and indicate your agreement to follow these guidelines by checking the appropriate box on the Annual Report.

CAPAAR Data Collection Tool

Student data is entered on a per-student basis in this system. We have developed a spreadsheet to facilitate data collection prior to entering the data into this system. This spreadsheet should not be submitted to the CDE. It is only a tool to assist the academies in gathering data for entry into the automated system.

CAPAAR Data Collection Tool (XLS)
The CAPAAR Data Collection Tool is used to assist in collecting data for the online reporting system.


The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page addresses items in the Report that appear to generate confusion. This FAQ page will be updated as you, the users, provide feedback to us.

Questions:   High School Innovations and Initiatives Office | 916-319-0893
Last Reviewed: Tuesday, May 8, 2018
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