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CBEDS School/District Downloadable Data Files

Downloadable data collected through the California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS) for schools and districts regarding estimated teacher hires, kindergarten program types, school calendars, languages of instruction, and classified staff.

CBEDS School and District Information

  • CBEDS Data about Schools & Districts
    California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS) downloadable data files for information about schools and districts, including estimated teacher hires, kindergarten program types, school calendars, and languages of instruction.
  • Classified Staff by Race/Ethnicity and Gender
    Downloadable data files of full-time equivalent (FTE) classified staff for schools and districts disaggregated by race/ethnicity and gender.


  • California Basic Education Data System
    This page provides information about CBEDS, an annual collection of district and school information used for state and federal reporting. CBEDS is an annual data collection administered in October. CBEDS data are reported through an Online Reporting Application called CBEDS-ORA. The purpose of CBEDS is to collect data about schools and districts, as well as some aggregate data on students and staff.

  • Historical CBEDS Forms and Manuals
    Earlier Documents: CBEDS manuals (from 1979 onward) and other CBEDS archived material (including old forms from 1999 onward), are available electronically by contacting the CBEDS Team at

  • Public School and District Data Files
    Downloadable files containing general information about California's public schools and districts found in the California School Directory.
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Last Reviewed: Friday, February 17, 2023