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Teaching AMO Downloadable Data Files

Downloadable data files about teaching Assignment Monitoring Outcome (AMO) data disaggregated by subject, school type, school grade span, teacher credential level, and teacher experience level. Data are reported in full-time equivalency (FTE) units.

General Description of the File

The downloadable data files provide the Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) data for each classroom-based teaching assignment reported by local educational agencies (LEAs) to the California Department of Education (CDE) through the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS). The CDE provides the California Commission on Teacher Credential (CTC) with the CALPADS assignment data, which the CTC compares against their credential authorization data as part of the annual assignment monitoring process conducted through California Statewide Assignment Accountability System (CalSAAS). This process evaluates each assignment based on the Statewide Educator Identification (SEID) associated with the assignment to determine if or how the teacher is authorized to teach the assigned course and the students enrolled in the course. For more information about the Teaching Assignment Monitoring Outcome (AMO) data, including how the Teaching AMO data are calculated, please visit the Information about the Teaching AMO Report webpage.


Classroom-based teaching assignments and FTE submitted and certified by LEAs and/or charter schools as part of the annual CALPADS Fall 2 submission and assignment monitoring outcome data determined during the annual assignment monitoring process conducted by the CTC through CalSAAS.


These files include state, county, district, and school-level data. Please refer to the file structure for details on what data are contained in the file. Data for classroom-based teaching assignments taught by teachers without a SEID are not included in the Teacher AMO report and downloadable data file. Data are not included for districts and independently reporting charter schools (IRCs) that did not certify their CALPADS Fall 2 submission. Due to rounding error, partial FTE counts by AMO may not sum exactly to the Total FTE displayed in the report for the selected reporting level and filters and FTE totals for one reporting level (e.g., school) may not sum exactly to FTE totals for another reporting level (e.g., district).

Year of Data Data File File Structure
2021–22 tamo2122 (TXT; 215MB; Posted 30-Jun-2023) File Structure: Teacher AMO Data
2020–21 tamo2021 (TXT; 213MB; Posted 30-Jun-2022) File Structure: Teacher AMO Data

Click on the file name you wish to download and save the file to your computer. To view the file, import and open the file in a database or statistical software program (e.g., MS Access, MS SQL Server, MYSQL, SAS, SPSS). Please note that this data file is too large to import into most spreadsheet software programs such as MS Excel.

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Last Reviewed: Friday, June 30, 2023
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