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File Structure: CBEDS-ORA Type B Records 2011

File structure for California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS)-Online Reporting Application (ORA) data about schools and districts for 2011–12.

File: cbedsora11b.txt

Data included in this file are estimated number of teacher hires, high school graduation requirements, educational options, technology, educational calendar, parental exception waivers, bilingual paraprofessionals, increased learning time, school year minutes, advanced coursework/dual class enrollment, and attendance rates.

Field Name Field Type Maximum Width Description




14-digit county/district/school (CDS) code. For districts and county offices, the last seven-digits will be zeroes.

CountyName Character 50

County name.

DistrictName Character 50 District name.
SchoolName Character 50 School name.




Row description (data element).




Level of data. Field is coded as follows:

  • D = District
  • S = School




Section identification. Corresponds to the sections on the County/District Information Form (CDIF) and School Information Form (SIF). Field is coded as follows:

When Level = D

  • B = Estimated Teacher Hires
  • C = High School Graduation Requirements

When Level = S

  • B = Education Options
  • C = Technology
  • D = Educational Calendar
  • E = Parental Exception Waivers
  • F = Bilingual Paraprofessionals
  • H = High School Graduation Requirements (for select charter schools only)
  • I = Increased Learning Time *
  • J = School Year Minutes *
  • K = Advanced Coursework/Dual Class Enrollment *
  • L = Attendance Rates *

* These data are only collected for School Improvement Grant (SIG) Participants and is not available statewide.




Row number. Corresponds to row numbers on the CDIF and SIF.




Contains the value of the field.




Specifies the year of data.

Contacts for Technical Questions
  • Using Downloadable Files
    Data Reporting Office | | 916-327-0219

  • Data Content
    California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS)/CBEDS/CDS Operations Office | | 916-324-6738
Questions: Data Reporting Office | | 916-327-0219 
Last Reviewed: Tuesday, February 20, 2024
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