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Validation Tables

Current validation tables for Standardized Account Code Structure (SACS) software.

When changes are made to the SACS validation tables, revised tables are posted here. If you would like an e-mail notification of updates, please send a blank message to to subscribe to the sacs-update mailing list. The SACS software update routine is a three-step process that includes downloading the most current tables from the Internet, unzipping that file, then running a routine in the SACS software to replace the existing tables.

Step 1 -- Downloading the Most Current Tables

Validation Table Files (EXE; Revised 19-Feb-2021)

Depending on your operating system, clicking on the link above will open a "File Download" or "Save As" window. Click "Save," then navigate to your C:\SACS2020ALL\Update folder. Click "Save" and the vtables.exe file will be downloaded and saved into the C:\SACS2020ALL\Update folder. Close the Download Complete box and close your Internet browser.

Step 2 -- Unzipping the Vtables.exe Files

Once the download is complete, the validation tables will need to be extracted. Use a Windows tool, such as Windows Explorer or My Computer, to locate the C:\SACS2020ALL\Update folder. Double-click on the vtables.exe file to open the SACS self-extractor window. The default folder for the unzipped files is the same as for the zipped file, C:\SACS2020ALL\Update. Ensure that the “Open Explorer after extract” box is checked, "Overwrite Silently" is selected from the “Existing File Action:” drop down to overwrite the existing validation tables with the new ones, and then click on Extract. After the files are extracted, a message will display indicating that 14 files have been successfully extracted. Click on Quit, and the SACS extractor window will close. If the “Open Explorer after extract” box was checked, the C:\SACS2020ALL\Update folder will open automatically. Verify that your Update directory (again, the default is C:\SACS2020ALL\Update) has 12 updated .txt files and two .docx files, in addition to the vtables.exe file. The .docx files are Microsoft Word documents that explain the validation table changes in detail and summarize the code combinations affected by this table update.

Step 3 -- Running the Update

Once the validation tables have been downloaded from the Internet, unzipped, and copied to the C:\SACS2020ALL\Update subdirectory, the SACS software update validation routine inside the SACS2020ALL software must be run for the software tables to get updated. Refer to the SACS Software User Guide for further instructions. (The SACS Software User Guide has been installed with the SACS software in the default subdirectory C:\SACS2020ALL\Calendars and Manuals.)

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Last Reviewed: Friday, February 19, 2021
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