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SACS Valid Codes and Combinations

Tables and descriptions of valid Standardized Account Code Structure (SACS) codes and combinations.

Note: These validation table updates:

  • Have been applied to the SACS Web-based Financial Reporting System (SACS Web System).
  • Are provided for local educational agencies that opt to use the tables for updating their local accounting systems; and
  • Will download by default into the C:\SACS2022ALL\Update folder.

If you would like an email notification of updates to SACS valid codes and combinations, please send a blank message to to subscribe to the sacs-update mailing list.

Tables of Valid Codes and Combinations for State Reporting Purposes

These are comprehensive downloadable files (vtables.exe) which are needed to update the SACS software with the latest allowable SACS codes and combinations of codes for state reporting purposes. These are text files and they include all active codes and combinations as well as all previously valid codes and combinations of codes.

Tables of Valid Codes and Combinations gives more details about valid SACS codes and combinations.

The Validation Tables page contains software update information.

Download Validation Table Files (EXE; Revised 14-Mar-2024)

Descriptions of Valid Codes

These are downloadable text files containing descriptions for SACS fund, resource, goal, function and object codes. Note that these files are also included in the downloadable text files above.

SACS Valid Code Descriptions page gives more details about SACS codes.

Download Descriptions of Valid Codes (EXE; Revised 14-Mar-2024)

Spreadsheets of Valid Combinations

These are downloadable spreadsheet files containing the active valid combinations. The spreadsheets are available in Excel format. These are generally easier to read and understand than the comprehensive text files above.

For more information on these spreadsheets, please refer to Spreadsheets of Valid Combinations.

Spreadsheet File of Valid Combinations (EXE; Revised 14-Mar-2024)

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