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Spreadsheets of Valid Combinations

These are downloadable spreadsheet files containing the active Standardized Account Code Structure (SACS) valid combinations for use in the SACS financial reporting software.

The spreadsheets of allowable combinations are provided in two formats: Microsoft Excel and Adobe portable document format. The Adobe format, which requires a free "reader" program, will give the best reproduction of page formatting. Please follow the link, "Download Free Readers" at the bottom right corner of this page to download the reader.

The spreadsheets may be used to check the valid SACS combinations as follows:

Valid Account Code Combinations
Spreadsheet Code Combinations Checked
Fund X Resource All funds and all resources
Fund X Goal All funds and all goals
Fund X Function All funds and all functions
Fund X Object All funds and objects
Function X Object All functions with expenditure objects 1000–7999

Resource X Object All resources with revenue and balance sheet account objects 8000–9999

Goal X Function All goals with expenditure objects 1000–7999 in functions 1000s, 4000s, 5000s, and 7200–7700, except 7210

Each cell in the spreadsheets indicates for which of the three types of local educational agency (LEA) that combination is allowable:

D - allowable for districts

C - allowable for county offices

J - allowable for joint powers agreements/agencies (JPAs)

(blank) - not allowable for any LEA type

The names of the spreadsheets follow this convention:

YYYY Contents of Columns X Contents of Rows

For example, 2016 Fund X Object is the spreadsheet that describes the allowable combinations of fund and object for 2016–17.

Spreadsheet of Valid Combinations Executable (EXE; Revised 06-Oct-2017)

Portable Document Format of Valid Combinations Executable (EXE; Revised 06-Oct-2017)

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Last Reviewed: Friday, October 6, 2017