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Request for Applications

2020-21 Public Charter Schools Grant Program (PCSGP)

Due: Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Federal PCSGP is a discretionary grant program administered by the Charter Schools Division. Applications are reviewed by peer evaluators and awarded to school developers to assist in the development and initial operations of newly established/conversion charter schools, as well as assist in the expansion/replication of high-quality charter schools. Applicants must be a non-profit entity or LEA at the time of application submission. Individuals and for-profit entities will not meet eligibility requirements.

Program Questions: Linda Greer, email:, phone: 916-323-0482

Downloading Questions: PCSGP Team, email:, phone: 916-322-6029

Document Description
Request for Applications (DOCX)
Complete description of the PCSGP Planning, Implementation, Replication, and Expansion Sub-Grants, eligibility requirements, funding, and sub-grantee accountability. This document contains the instructions, application checklist, and required forms.
PCSGP Form 2 (PDF) PCSGP Form 2 - Application Cover Sheet
PCSGP Budget Forms 4 and 5 (XLSX) PCSGP Budget Forms 4 and 5
PCSGP Form 7 (DOCX) PCSGP Form 7 - Sub-grant Conditions and Assurances

Certifications and Assurances

Document Description

General Assurances & Certifications

Required as a condition prior to receiving funds. Applicantswill need to download, read, and file (in their school files) the General Assurances and Certifications document. This document is to be kept on file for compliance reviews, complaint investigations, or audits.
General Education Provisions Act (PDF) Notice to applicants for federal funds to include in the application a description of the steps the applicant proposes to take to ensure equitable access to its federally assisted program for participants with special needs.

More about the 2020-21 Public Charter Schools Grant Program (PCSGP)

More about 2020-21 Public Charter Schools Grant Program (PCSGP)

Last Reviewed: Wednesday, January 6, 2021
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