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Ethnic Studies Professional Development RFA FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) received about the Ethnic Studies Professional Development (ESPD) Request for Applications (RFA).

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  1. Will there only be one successful application?

    The California Department of Education anticipates selecting only one application to be the proposed contractor for the ESPD project.

  1. Given circumstances related to COVID-19, will the ESPD project timeline be extended?

    The California Department of Education does not anticipate modifying the ESPD project timeline.

  1. Is a sample form letter available to use in preparing letters of commitment?

    No, a sample form letter of commitment is not provided with the application.

  1. If applying as a consortium of county offices of education (COEs), may the lead COE subcontract out to other COEs?

    Yes, the authorizing statute provides that the contracted COE or consortium of COEs may enter into appropriate contracts for support and services. Subject to any applicable state contracting requirements and minimum qualifications specified in the RFA for certain subcontractors, a lead COE may choose to enter into appropriate subcontracts with other COEs.

  1. May applicants submit an application as a lead agency, and also be a regional partner in another application?

    Yes, applicants may submit an application as a lead agency, and also be a regional partner on another application. Each ESPD application will be scored independently.

  1. Can the California Department of Education (CDE) facilitate connections between COEs who may want to be part of a consortium?

    No, the CDE will not facilitate collaborations as part of the application process.

Questions:   Educator Excellence and Equity Division | | 916-323-6440
Last Reviewed: Thursday, January 20, 2022
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