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Official Letter
California Department of Education
Official Letter
March 8, 2023

Dear County Superintendents of Schools:

Apportionment for 2021–22
Charter School Declining Enrollment Relief
Fiscal Year 2022–23

This apportionment, in the amount of $290,022,980, is made from funds provided in Section 123 of Assembly Bill (AB) 181 (Chapter 52, Statutes of 2022). The purpose of these funds is to provide unrestricted funding to classroom-based charter schools that experienced declining enrollment in Fiscal Year 2021–22.

The allocation amount for each charter school is based on the difference in funded average daily attendance (ADA) in the 2020–21 First Annual Recertification year and funded ADA in the 2021–22 Second Principal (P-2) Apportionment, as adjusted for the amount of ADA computed pursuant to paragraph (3) of subdivision (a) of Section 42238.023 of the California Education Code. This difference in ADA is multiplied by the total Local Control Funding Formula base, supplemental, and concentration grant rate per ADA for the classroom-based charter school as of the 2021–22 P-2 Apportionment.

Warrants will be mailed to each county treasurer approximately three to four weeks from the date of this letter. For standardized account code structure coding, use Resource Code 0000, Unrestricted, and Revenue Object Code 8590, All Other State Revenues. County superintendents of schools are requested to inform their school districts and charter schools of this apportionment immediately. Links to this letter and the apportionment schedule are posted on the California Department of Education web page at

If you have any questions please contact the Principal Apportionment Section by email at


Aaron Heredia, Assistant Director
School Fiscal Services Division


Last Reviewed: Monday, March 20, 2023
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