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Q&As for the Equity Leads Request for Applications

Below are the questions and answers (Q&As) submitted by the public in relation to the Equity Lead Request for Applications required to be posted.

The following Q&As are based on all questions submitted by the public regarding the Request for Applications (RFA) for the Equity Leads. These questions and answers are required to be posted to ensure equitable access to all information pertaining to the RFA.

  1. Is a budget required with the application? If so, is there a template or specific format you would like us to use?

    The California Collaborative for Educational Excellence and the California Department of Education will select between two and four Equity Leads (p. 5 of the Equity Lead RFA). Funding awarded to each grantee is to be determined depending on those selections. Therefore, a budget is not required with the application but will be required upon selection.

  2. Is the narrative/response to prompts required to be single or double-spaced?

    There are no line spacing requirements, but applicants should keep in mind the formatting requirements listed on Form C when responding to the prompts of Arial 12-point font, 1-inch margins, not exceeding five pages, and may contain links to web pages or other resources to be considered.

  3. We are interested in applying for the Equity Leads grant as a Tribal local educational agency (LEA). Could we get some clarification on Tribal LEA qualification? Or does the grant only apply to state-recognized / Tribal LEA schools?

    Pursuant to Education Code (EC) Section 52073.5, only LEAs, or consortiums of LEAs, may be selected as an Equity Lead. While Native American tribes are eligible for certain federal education grants, for purposes of EC Section 52073.5, within the part of the EC governing public school accountability and the statewide system of support, the term “local educational agency” does not encompass Native American tribes. However, please note that selected Equity Leads may carry out their work in collaboration with nonprofit educational service providers and community-based organizations. Additionally, Equity Leads are encouraged to work closely with California tribes local to their regions or tribes historically located in the region.

  4. Will there be an opportunity for local educational agencies (LEAs) to apply for funds to scale up equity programs at their districts and work with the Equity Leads for technical support?

    No, that is not the intent of this grant. However, a district can receive assistance from an Equity Lead to enhance and expand the existing equity work of the district (See Appendix B, Education Code 52073.5 (c)(1).

  5. What is the maximum amount of funding we can request?

    Funding awarded to each grantee is to be determined based in part on Equity Multiplier funding, which has yet to be determined. Therefore, applicants will not be requesting specific amounts as part of the initial application process.

  6. Are there specific allowable costs and activities?

    Per Section II. C. of the RFA, Allowable Costs, “Equity Leads will develop and submit annual budgets. The proposed use of grant funds will be reviewed and any items that are deemed non-allowable, excessive, or inappropriate will be eliminated. Generally, all expenditures must contribute to the goals and objectives outlined in Section I.”

  7. Is there a budget template for the Equity Lead RFA?

    Funding awarded to each grantee is to be determined depending on the selections. Therefore, a budget is not required with the application but will be required upon selection.

  8. Is the 2-million-dollar grant per awardee or divided amongst the 2–4 leads?

    The $2 million annual award will be divided among the 2–4 leads.

  9. Does California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE) have a model for which the Equity Leads will be engaging in to work with the prioritized LEAs?

    No, the model for engaging with the prioritized LEAs will be determined collaboratively, involving the Equity Leads, CCEE and other State Agencies.

  10. How many LEAs can the Equity Lead Agency expect to support?

    We do not have a specific number at this moment because the level of support is dependent on a few unknowns, including how many LEAs receive Equity Multiplier (EM) funding, and how many Equity Leads are ultimately selected. The RFA states that, per statute, the Equity Leads should prioritize supporting LEAs with schools that receive EM funding, which means the Leads can also provide support to LEAs that don’t receive EM funding.

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Last Reviewed: Friday, December 15, 2023
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