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Request for Applications

Golden State Pathways Program Consortium Grant

Note: The due date for the request for applications has passed. This page is for reference and administration of funding.

The purpose of the Golden State Pathways Program Consortium Grant is to provide local educational agencies with the resources to promote pathways in high-wage, high-skill, high-growth areas, including technology, health care, education, and climate-related fields. The program serves students enrolled in career pathways by providing more access to postsecondary education opportunities, workforce training opportunities, and gainful employment in industries that align with market needs.

Program Questions: Dustin Sperling, email:

Downloading Questions: Golden State Pathways Program; Academy, Apprenticeship and Internship Office (AAIO); email:

Document Description
Golden State Pathways Program (GSPP) Consortium RFA (DOCX)
Consortium Grant Request for Applications
Errata 1

Errata 1 provides an extension of the grantee announcement dates; due to a substantial number of interested applicants, additional time is required for the complete review of each application (Posted on April 23, 2024)

GSPP Consortium Grant Webinar Registration External link opens in new window or tab. Register for the Webinar scheduled for Tuesday, February 13, 2024, starting at 1:00 p.m.
Appendix A (DOCX) Budget Categories and Descriptions
Appendix B (DOCX) Program Requirements and Legislation
Appendix C (DOCX) Local Education Agency Data Report
Appendix D (PDF) Consortium Application Signature Form
Appendix E (DOCX) Consortium Grant Application Narrative
Appendix F (XLSX) Consortium Grant Budget and Budget Narrative
Appendix G (DOCX) Consortium Grant Scoring Rubric
Appendix H (DOCX) Consortium Grant Application Checklist
Appendix I (DOCX) GSPP Framework
Appendix J (DOCX) GSPP Expenditure Guidelines
Appendix K (XLSX) Consortium Participating Agencies Identification
Certifications and Assurances
Document Description

General Assurances & Certifications (Posted Jul-2023)

Required as a condition of receiving funds. Applicants do not need to sign and return them with the application; they must be downloaded and kept on file for compliance reviews, complaint investigations, or audits. Applicants that participate in the Consolidated Application - ConApp - should have a copy on file and do not need another copy. Program-specific assurances are not included here and should be listed separately on the Request for Application (RFA).

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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