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School Safety Consolidated Competitive Grant

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the School Safety Consolidated Competitive Grant and the flexibility provisions in Senate Bill 4 of the 2009-10 Third Extraordinary Session (SBX3 4).

Please note that this information is provided for historical purposes. Funds for the School Safety Consolidated Competitive Grant (SSCCG) were made flexible under the 2009 legislation. The 2013 Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) legislation repealed the flexibility provisions and instead, eliminated funding streams for many categorical programs, including the SSCCG. Categorical funding received in 2012–13 forms the basis for determining school funding in the phase-in period under the LCFF. See the categorical program topic in the LCFF FAQ page [] for additional information.

Refer to the Fiscal Issues Relating to Budget Reductions and Flexibility Provisions guidance letter [] for information on provisions that apply to all programs. The letter covers such matters as the public hearing requirement, base year funding provisions, and how funding reductions will be calculated.

  1. Does SBX3 4 Section 15, stating that local educational agencies (LEAs) will be able to redirect funding to any educational purpose, affect School Community Violence Prevention (SCVP) Cohorts 1 and 2, which were awarded grants prior to 2007–08? What about Section 42, which allows flexible use of restricted balances as of June 30, 2008?
    The flexibility provisions of Section 15 apply to funds appropriated in 2008–09 and later, so Cohorts 1 and 2, which received funds from 2005–06 and 2006–07, are not affected by this section. However, Section 42 of SBX3 4, use of unexpended balances, allows flexible use of restricted balances as of June 30, 2008. Funds that have not been allocated to the LEA as of that date and are not allowable for expenditure until 2008–09 or later are not considered “balances” for this purpose so flexibility does not apply. Funds that have been allocated to the LEA and could be spent before June 30, 2008, are subject to the flexibility provision.
  2. Does the flexibility legislation mean that new grantees in 2008–09 (Cohort 3) need not follow the SCVP program plans and commitments made in their grant applications?
    LEAs may utilize all of their School Safety Consolidated Competitive Grant funds to provide services for the program or they may use all or part of their grant funds for other educational purposes and/or other categorical programs. LEAs will be deemed to be in compliance with the program and funding requirements contained in statutory, regulatory, and provisional language.
  3. What funding can a Cohort 3 grantee expect in 2009–10 and beyond?
    As an example, consider an LEA that has been awarded a five-year, $500,000 SCVP grant in the 2008–09 year, with the grant scheduled to be spent over the next five years. The LEA will receive the same percentage of the appropriation in future years that it was awarded in the current year. So if its award of $500,000 was 10 percent of the total funds awarded in 2008–09, then it will receive the same percentage of the funds appropriated in 2009–10 through 2012–13.
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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, December 7, 2016