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Quarterly Expenditure Report Instructions

Instructions for completing the Quarterly Expenditure Report form.

County #: Please enter your two digit county number.

Grant ID #: Enter the California Department of Education (CDE) grant number as it appears on the Grant Award Notification (AO-400) form.

Applicant Agency: Enter the funded agency name as it appears on the AO-400. Please do not use program names.

Annual Grant Award Amount: Enter the amount of the annual grant as it appears on the AO-400.

Close-out or Revision: Check if this is a close-out or revision of an earlier submission.

Fiscal Year: Enter the fiscal year for which you are reporting.

Quarter: Check the appropriate box for the quarterly reporting period.

Series/Object Codes: These series/object codes and descriptions are listed in the California School Accounting Manual.

Indirect Cost: For indirect costs, use the CDE-approved indirect cost rate or five percent, whichever is less. To find your county’s CDE-approved indirect cost rate.

Approved Annual Budget: Enter the amounts from the initial budget or most recent budget revision submitted to and approved by the CDE.

Quarterly Expenditures: Enter the total amount expended during the reporting period for each expenditure category, and submit to the CDE. Save all previous quarterly reports and add to accordingly. By the end of the year, the entire form should be complete.

Total Program Expenditures: Add totals quarterly expenditures to date in the far right column. The quarter four report should reflect the entire year’s expenditures.

Total Grant Award Amount: Please enter annual grant award amount from the AO-400.

Total Expenditures (cumulative): Enter total expenditures to date as shown in the far right column Total Cumulative Expenditures.

Certification: By signing the Quarterly Expenditure Report, the authorized agent certifies the accuracy of the information contained in the report; that expenditures/obligations reported were made and the program/project has been conducted in accordance with state laws, regulations, and the CDE-approved grant application and amendments; the one-third local match (cash or in-kind) requirement has been met; that no state categorical funds for remedial education, facilities, or space were used to fulfill match requirements; no more than 15 percent of these expenditures/obligations were used for administrative costs; and full records of receipts and expenditures have been maintained and are available for audit.

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Last Reviewed: Monday, May 13, 2024