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Program Plan Overview

The purpose of the After School Education and Safety (ASES) program plan is to create an operational design of an after school program within the framework of the requirements defined in California Education Code (EC) sections 8482 et seq. The program plan is considered a living document that is periodically reviewed and adjusted to reflect the needs of the community and to provide continuous improvement in the development of an effective after school program.

The ASES grantees are responsible for creating, reviewing, and updating the program plan every three years (EC Section 8482.3[g][1]). The grantee must work collaboratively with after school partners and staff to develop and review the program plan. If the grantee subcontracts with an outside provider to operate the after school program, the grantee is ultimately responsible for the plan. The grantee should include the subcontractor in the development and review of the plan and provide a copy of the document to the subcontractor. The ASES grantees shall develop and maintain documentation of the ASES Program Plan for a minimum of five years after the conclusion of the program (EC Section 8482.3[g][1][F]). It is recommended that the plan be reviewed annually. The Expanded Learning Division must be notified if the program goals or outcome measures are changed during the grant period (EC Section 8482.3[g][1][E]).

The Expanded Learning Division adopted the Quality Standards and introduced requirements for Continuous Quality Improvement to help programs to engage in reflection and be intentional about program management practices and activities delivered to students. A revised Program Plan Guide is now available for grantees on the California Department of Education (CDE) Reporting and Forms web page. The Program Plan includes, but is not limited to, program goals, program content, and any other information requested by the CDE.

New ASES grantees are required to submit a Program Plan within six months of receiving a grant award for ASES funding to the assigned regional team.  Information on the System of Support for Expanded Learning contacts within the 11 service regions of the California County Superintendents' Educational Services Association can be found on the System of Support for Expanded Learning Contact web page.

Current ASES grantees receiving an increase in funding or funding for additional site(s) via the ASES Universal Request for Application process are not required to submit a Program Plan at the time of funding. The development, revision and submission of a Program Plan for current ASES grantees will be required as part of the ASES grant renewal process.

ASES Program Plan Guide (DOCX)

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Last Reviewed: Monday, May 13, 2024