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ELCD April 15, 2020 COVID-19 Guidance Webinar

Notes from the April 15, 2020 COVID-19 Guidance Webinar hosted by the Early Learning and Care Division (ELCD).

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The Early Learning and Care Division (ELCD) hosted a webinar on April 15 to provide contractors with guidance on Management Bulleting 20-06: Guidance regarding Emergency Childcare Services for Essential Workers and At-Risk Populations. Approximately 1,500 people attended this webinar.

The webinar was co-led with the Child Development Nutrition Fiscal Services (CDNFS) office of the Fiscal and Administrative Services Division (FASD). This MBs and others can be found on the CDE website on the ELCD COVID-19 Guidance and Resources web page.

On Tuesday, April 21, 2020, at 1:00 p.m., the ELCD and First 5 California will host a webinar for the Quality Counts California Consortium. The purpose of the webinar is to review the state guidance and provide an opportunity for the consortia and Hubs to share insights from the field for how they are supporting early learning and care services for children of essential workers and at-risk populations during the COVID-19 State of Emergency. We anticipate roughly 250 people may attend.

Also on April 15, the ELCD released MB 20-07: COVID-19 Guidance to California Resource and Referral Programs and Local Planning Councils. This guidance was co-developed with the California Department of Social Services and addresses topics in support of locating care for children of essential workers and at-risk populations.

The ELCD and FASD are working on a number of allocations recently authorized by the Governor and Legislature, including $50 million for vouchers for essential workers and at-risk populations, through the Alternative Payment Program. Other allocations include funding for personal protective equipment and cleaning in early learning and care settings.

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