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Transition to Assessments... Transcript

The content on this page contains the text transcript of the video Transition to Assessments Based on Common Core State Standards in California External link opens in new window or tab. available on the Why the Common Core State Standards in California? Web page.

NARRATOR: California's public schools are hard at work making the transition to the new common core standards, a practical step by step way to prepare students for the future.

TORLAKSON: The world is changing. For our students to be ready for careers and college, our schools must change, too.

NARRATOR: The next step is new computer-based assessments that will improve teaching and learning. These new tests will give teachers new insights and new tools to help reach every student and tell us whether we're getting the job done.

TORLAKSON: Policymakers can debate the pace of change, but outside our schools, in the world of work, there's no sign things are slowing down.

NARRATOR: To succeed these days, it takes more than basic skills like reading and math. California needs skilled workers who will think critically, tackle problems, communicate and collaborate—the very skills common core was designed for.

TORLAKSON: This is a challenge for our education system. It's going to take all of us—parents, teachers, administrators, volunteers and business leaders—but California has always led the way.

NARRATOR: And California must move forward now so that all children no matter where they come from or where they live get a world class education and graduate ready to contribute to California's future.

Learn more at (Common Core State Standards Web page []).

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Last Reviewed: Monday, October 9, 2023