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Governance & Accountability

Information and resources to help adult education and literacy providers maintain compliance with federal and state law.

Adults in Corrections Education Program
Information on jail education funding, education objectives (course approval system), program compliance, and assessment.

Annual Report on Average Daily Attendance (J-18/19-A)
Online submission form for Average Daily Attendance, enrollment, and enrollees by program area.

Compliance Monitoring
Monitors local educational agencies (LEA) for compliance with categorical program and fiscal requirements. LEAs are responsible for maintaining compliant categorical programs.

Course Approval System (A-22)
Submit courses for approval online, view sample course outlines, download the list of approved courses for instruction, and search for agencies offering a particular course within a program area.

Innovation and Alternative Instructional Delivery Program External link opens in new window or tab.
This program for adult education in California was initiated by the legislature in 1993 by allowing K12 adult education agencies to spend up to five percent of their state allotment for adult education on distance learning. Subsequently, the legislature suspended the education code as it applies to adult education. Currently, agencies may spend any portion of their budget on distance learning, although no state funds are designated for adult education. (Formerly "5% Project")

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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, January 11, 2017
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