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Child Care Reporting--Child's Ethnicity

Child’s Ethnicity

The Child’s Ethnicity information field indicates whether the child receiving subsidized child care services through an agency’s contract with the Early Education Division (EED) is of Hispanic or Latino origin. The definition of Hispanic or Latino is a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South American, Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin.

Note: The Child’s Ethnicity question must be answered in addition to the Child’s Race questions.

Where to Find It

On the ELCD-9600, look in the box “Ethnicity” in Section IV: Data on Children. On the ELCD-9600, Y = “Yes” and N = “No.”

Rules and Guidelines

  • This information field is required.
  • There are only two choices:
    • Yes – The child is of Hispanic or Latino origin.
    • No – The child is not of Hispanic or Latino origin.

Error Messages and Solutions

  • The Child’s Ethnicity is required. [801A Electronic File Transfer], [801A Input/Edit], [801B]

    Problem: The Child’s Ethnicity question has not been answered.

    Solution: Select “Yes” (Y in the electronic file) or “No” (N in the electronic file).
  • The Child’s Ethnicity is invalid. [801A Electronic File Transfer only]

    Problem: The information provided in the file for the Child’s Ethnicity is not acceptable.

    Solution: Confirm that valid information (Y or N) is entered.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The child’s ethnicity is unknown or the parent is not sure whether to answer “Yes” or “No.” What should I do?

    This judgment is up to the parent; however, regulations require the parent to answer the question

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