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Child Care Reporting--Child Protective Services

CPS Override (CDD-801B only)

The CPS Override checkbox indicates if a family is a CPS referral and allows an agency to leave the Monthly Family Income information field blank.

Where to Find It

On the ELCD-9600, look in the box “Protective Services” under Section II: Family Eligibility and Reason for Needing Services.

Rules and Guidelines

  • This information is necessary only for CPS-referred families in which family income is not collected; this information allows the Monthly Family Income information field to be blank.
  • Do not check the CPS Override checkbox if the Monthly Family Income is known.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if we do collect Monthly Family Income for a particular CPS case? Do we check this box?

    No, agencies do not have to mark the checkbox when the monthly family income is reported for a CPS case. However, agencies should still indicate CPS as the family’s reason for receiving child care.


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