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Using the View CDD-801A Families Screen


Use this screen to view the families for your agency (or sub-agency) for the selected report month/year.

About This Screen

  • A maximum of 20 families are displayed on each screen.
  • Families are displayed in alphabetical order by last name, then first name and middle initial.
  • The "Total Families this report month/year" is displayed at the top of the screen. This number is the total for the agency (if there are no sub-agencies) or for the sub-agency (if a sub-agency was selected).

Available Buttons and Links

When you select one of the following... This is what happens:
"Family First Name, Last Name"

When you click on a family name, the "Add/Edit CDD-801A Family" screen for that family is displayed.

Use the screen to add or edit the information about the family, child(ren), and type(s) of child care. You can also use the "Delete" buttons on the screen to delete the family, one of the children, or one of the provider/type of child care sections for a child.

"How to Use This Screen" The Help Screen (like this one) opens.
"<<First, <Previous, Next>>, Last>>" If you have reported more than 20 families, you can use these links to easily move from page to page.
"Go to Page" Select a page number from the drop down list to go to that page of the report.
"A B C D . . . Z" After you click a letter, the screen with the families with last names beginning with that letter is displayed.
  • If there are no families' last names that begin with that letter, then the screen will display last names beginning with the previous letter.
  • For example, if there are no families' last names that begin with "D", then the families' last names that start with "C" are displayed.
"Find a Family" After you enter a last name (and an optional first name), the screen containing that family name is displayed.
  • If there is no exact match, the closest match is displayed.
    For example, if the name "Smith" does not exist, the system will look for last names like "Smit", then "Smi", etc. until the closest match is found.
  • If there is no match, the current screen is displayed again. There is no error message.
  • A last name is required.
  • A first name is optional.
"Add a Family"

A blank "Add/Edit CDD-801A Family" screen is displayed. Use this screen to add information about a new family, child(ren), and type(s) of child care.

"Copy Families to a Future Month"

The "Copy CDD-801A Families" screen is displayed.

Use this screen to copy one or more families from the report month/year displayed on the screen to a later report month/year.

For example: If you want to copy families from May 2009 to June 2009, then use this screen to select and copy the families.

"Delete Checked Families"

After placing checkmarks next to families names, clicking this button will delete those families from the report period.

Note: Only delete families who did not receive any services in the report month being edited.

How to Exit the View CDD-801A Families Screen

  • Click the "Main Menu" link that appears just above the page name or
  • Click the "Log Out" link that appears just above the page name.
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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, January 9, 2018
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