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Essential Protective Gear and Supplies

Email Guidance and Information Regarding Essential Protective Gear and Supplies

Additional Information Regarding Essential Protective Gear and Supplies

Dear Early Learning and Care Programs:

On July 9, 2020, the California Department of Education, Early Learning and Care Division released an announcement providing information on where early learning and care (ELC) programs may go to access essential protective gear and cleaning supplies. This notice is to update that announcement by providing additional information on available resources:

  • In the interest of maximizing public health, priority for all supplies should be given to all providers, including tribal child care, school-based care, and exempt care providers, that are open and actively serving children and families.
  • Roughly 1.1 million disposal surgical masks are included in these planned shipments.
  • The hand sanitizer is in 8-ounce bottles.
  • Available gloves may be made of latex, so please be aware if users of the gloves have latex allergies. Note that glove count is per glove unless noted otherwise.
  • 10,000 no-touch, battery-operated thermometers also will be available at your Resource and Referral (R&R) program within the next two weeks. These thermometers will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, with a limit of two per center and one per family child care home or license-exempt provider.
  • The State will continue to assess the needs of the ELC community and to support ELC programs by facilitating the delivery of essential protective gear and supplies necessary to continue to serve children and families. ELC programs may be asked to participate in occasional surveys to assess the ongoing need for essential protective gear. The State appreciates your participation in these surveys.

Thank you for continuing to provide services to children and families during this challenging time. For questions regarding supply distribution, please contact your local R&R program.

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Last Reviewed: Thursday, February 08, 2024
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