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Charter School Regulations

Information regarding regulations applicable to charter schools adopted by the State Board of Education to implement specific sections of the law.

Regulations are adopted by the State Board of Education to implement specific sections of the law. California Code of Regulations, Title 5 (5 CCR) contains regulations on education. Regulations can be searched for at Thomas Reuters Westlaw California Code of Regulations External link opens in new window or tab. . To search for regulations specific to charter schools, select Title 5. Education, Division 1. California Department of Education, Chapter 11. Special Programs, Subchapter 19. Charter Schools.

Listed below are several charter school-specific regulations and their 5 CCR section numbers.

Description of Section 5 CCR Section
Definitions (Including Satisfactory Progress and Private Schools)
Numbering of Charter School Petitions
11968, 11969
Charter School Average Daily Attendance
Charter School Facilities
11969.1, 11969.2, 11696.3, 11969.4, 11969.6, 11969.7,11969.8, 11969.9
Nonclassroom-Based Funding Determinations
11963, 11963.1, 11963.2, 11963.3, 11963.4, 11963.5, 11963.6, 11963.7
Independent Study
11700, 11700.1, 11701, 11701.5, 11702, 11703, 11704, 11705
Appeals of Charter Petitions That Have Been Denied
Submission of Statewide Benefit Charter School Petitions to the State Board of Education
11967.6, 11967.7, 11967.8
Charter School Closure Procedures
11962, 11962.1

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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