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Performance Category Data Files Record Layout

Field names, types, and descriptions for the Charter School Performance Category Data Files.

Record Layout

The below table identifies the names, types, and descriptions of each field referenced in the Charter School Performance Category Data Files.

Field Number Field Name Description Acceptable Value
1 CDS County-District-School Code Text
2 Scode School Code Text
3 AAU_Schooltype School Type, as defined by the Analysis, Measurement, and Accountability Reporting Division's Academic Accountability Unit for accountability purposes

ES = Elementary School

MS = Middle School

HS = High School

UD = K-12 School
4 Charter_Type Type of Charter School

DF = Direct Funded

LF = Locally Funded
5 School School Name Text
6 District District Name Text
7 County County Name Text
8 School_Type Type of School

Elementary Schools (Public)

Elementary Schools in one School District (Public)

Intermediate/Middle Schools (Public)

Junior High Schools (Public)

High Schools (Public)

High Schools in one School District (Public)

K-12 Schools (Public)
9 Performance_Level Performance categories as determined by the criteria listed in Assembly Bill 1505

Low Performing

Middle Performing

High Performing
10 Criteria Criterion 1 and Criterion 2: The basis for the category of either High Performing or Low Performing was determined. All schools receiving the Middle Performing category are notated as 'N/A'

Criterion 1

Criterion 2

N/A = Not Applicable

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, March 12, 2024
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