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Juvenile Court Schools - CalEdFacts

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The purpose of juvenile court schools is to provide mandated, compulsory public education services for juvenile offenders who are under the protection or authority of the county juvenile justice system and are incarcerated in juvenile halls, juvenile homes, day centers, juvenile ranches, juvenile camps, or regional youth educational facilities. Juvenile court schools are operated through the county office of education. 

The juvenile court school provides quality learning opportunities for students to complete a course of study leading to a high school diploma. A minimum day program for juvenile court schools is 240 minutes. Students must take all required public education assessments (e.g., the California High School Exit Examination, Standardized Testing and Reporting Program).

Upon release, or after the court terminates jurisdiction, students of ages sixteen to eighteen who are not exempt from compulsory school attendance are required to continue their public education. These students are provided planning and transition services critical to a successful transfer back to a public school.

In October 2017-18, there were 65 Juvenile Court Schools reporting an enrollment of 4,568 students. However, CDE demographic reports indicate that the total number of students served by these schools over the entire year to be 24,914 due to the high rate of mobility for juvenile court students.

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, June 11, 2019
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