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Migrant Education Program Calendar of Events

Dates included on this calendar are gathered from various sources and are not intended as definitive or official notification from the Migrant Education Office. We hope the calendar will assist you in your planning.

For a list of on-going Butte County Office of Education (COE) Migrant Student Information Exchange (MSIX) trainings, please visit the following Butte COE MSIX Training web page External link opens in new window or tab. .

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August 2021

Date Event
4-5, 10 Regional Parent Advisory Council (RPAC) and Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Training
12 Budget Revision Training
18 Family Biliteracy Program (FBP) Logistics Training
26 Allowable Cost & Procurement Workshop

September 2021

Date Event
8 Expenditure Report Training
11 State Parent Advisory Council (SPAC) Meeting 1
17 Individual Needs Assessment (INA) Report & Actions for State Service Delivery Plan (SSDP) Continuous Improvement
20 FBP Professional Development (PD) Session
21 Identification and Recruitment State Advisory Committee
23-24 Migrant Education Program (MEP) Directors' Meeting
29 FBP Collaborative PD Session 1 (Region (R) 1-3, Direct Funded District (DFD) 24)
30 California Preschool Instructional Network (CPIN) Quarterly

October 2021

Date Event
7 Identification and Recruitment Professional Learning Network (PLN) (Cohorts 1-3)
11 FBP Collaborative PD Session 2 (R7-8, 16)
13–15 New Recruiter Training (Identification and Recruitment)
14 Mini-Corp Service Codes
21 SSDP Continuous Improvement Webinar
23 SPAC Meeting 2

November 2021

Date Event
3 Measurable Program Objective (MPO) Revisions Webinar
5 Identification and Recruitment Coordinators Network
8 FBP Collaborative PD Session 3 (R4, R18, DFD11)
16, 18-19 Identification and Recruitment PLN (Cohorts 1-3)

December 2021

Date Event
2 SSDP Continuous Improvement Webinar
4 SPAC Meeting 3
7 Identification and Recruitment State Advisory Committee Meeting
9-10 MEP Directors' Meeting
9 CPIN Quarterly
14 Expenditure Report Requirement Training

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January 2022

Date Event
13 RPAC/PAC Check-in
19-21 Identification and Recruitment Annual Re-interview State Training
22 SPAC Meeting 4
25-27 Migrant Student Information Network (MSIN) Training

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February 2022

Date Event
2-4 Identification and Recruitment PLN (Cohorts 1, 2, 3)
8-10 Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching (CLRT) PD
16 Grant Application Training
22-24 CLRT PD
26 SPAC Meeting 5

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March 2022

Date Event
3 Identification and Recruitment PLN (Cohort 3)
8 SSDP Continuous Improvement Webinar
16 SSDP 13.1 and Social Media Webinar
3/28-4/1 State Identification and Recruitment Training for Leads (Trainer of Trainers)
31 CPIN Quarterly Meeting

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April 2022

Date Event
6 Data Advisory Committee
7-8 State Training Office Hours
12-14 CLRT PD
20-21 Identification and Recruitment PLN (Cohorts 1 and 2)
23 SPAC Meeting 6

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May 2022

Date Event
5 Identification and Recruitment Network Meeting
10 SSDP Continuous Improvement Webinar
19-20 MEP Directors' Meeting
26 Identification and Recruitment PLN (Cohort 3)

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June 2022

Date Event
2 CPIN Quarterly
8-10 Identification and Recruitment New Recruiter Training

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All meetings and trainings are virtual unless noted otherwise.

Questions:   Migrant Education Office | 916-319-0851
Last Reviewed: Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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