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State Service Delivery Plan

Review the Migrant Student Profile, Comprehensive Needs Assessment and State Service Delivery Plan.

Legislative Mandate

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as reauthorized by the Every Student Succeeds Act requires each State Department of Education’s Migrant Education Program (MEP) receiving Title I, Part C federal funds to ensure that the state and local operating agencies to identify and address the unique educational needs of migratory children through the development of a statewide Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) and State Service Delivery Plan (SSDP). Every three years, the California Department of Education (CDE) will develop a statewide CNA which identifies the needs and initial strategies to address those needs of California’s migratory children.

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

The CDE conducted a majority of the activities for the development of a new CNA beginning in August 2016 although the initial process began in 2014–15 with the implementation of local CNAs developed by California’s 20 subgrantees. Prior to convening the CNA/SSDP Stakeholder Committee to develop the CNA and SSDP, CDE prepared the Migrant Student Profile, a report analyzing the most recent migratory student data. The collaborative process was established to meet the legislative requirements and to identify the needs of migratory children in California.

State Service Delivery Plan

The SSDP is CDE's guiding MEP implementation document: therefore, all subgrantees align their programs and services according to guidance in this document. The CDE and collaborators developed statewide strategies, outcomes, and performance targets to support the local MEP's program implementation to meet the needs of migratory children. The CDE obtained input on this direction of program evaluation from the CNA/SSDP Stakeholder committee as well as the State Parent Advisory Council. The SSDP addresses the unique needs of special subpopulations of concern such as Priority for Service students, preschool migratory children, and out-of-school youth. Due to the fact that parent and family involvement plays a significant role in the overall success of students, and interested parties identified a need to increase parent and family involvement, the SSDP will address ways in which local MEPs can engage parents and family members in their student’s academic, emotional and mental achievement. Lastly, the SSDP includes California’s plan for the identification and recruitment of migratory children.

State Service Delivery Plan Resources

Templates, recorded trainings, and other resources to support local MEPs implementation of the SSDP.

SSDP Continuous Improvement Cycle (DOCX)
This document identifies activities throughout the year to support subgrantees’ planning, implementing, and reviewing services for continuous improvement.
SSDP Continuous Improvement Webinar (PPTX)

SSDP Webinar Series

The Migrant Education Office developed a series of webinars to support subgrantee implementation of the SSDP.

Webinar #1: English Language Arts Focus Area (PPTX)
Webinar #2: Math Focus Area (PPTX)
Webinar #3: Student Engagement Focus Area (PPTX)

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Last Reviewed: Monday, May 1, 2023
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