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California Private School Consultation Timeline

This timeline is the suggested order in which to accomplish tasks for private school consultation.
Month LEA Activity
  • Prepare to begin programs/services for private school(s) (PS) in fall or begin programs (e.g., order materials, equipment).
  • Begin delivering programs/services for private schools.
  • Consult with PS officials about current programs/services, modify as necessary.
  • Continue consultation with PS officials about current programs/services, and modify as necessary.
  • Use the Online Private School Lookup Tool to identify nonprofit PS within district for next school year.
  • Prepare for PS Consultation meetings for next year’s services.
  • Evaluate programs, services, and budgets for current year and make suggestions for modifying programs.
  • For next year’s services, provide PS officials with “Invitation to Consult,” planning documents, and “Intent to Participate” forms.
  • Conduct districtwide consultation meeting, provide overview of available programs, services for next year.
  • Consult with PS officials to identify students’ and teachers’ needs, establish priorities for next school year, discuss services and estimated funding figures, design programs.
  • Projected Consolidated Application and Reporting System (CARS) spring release of the Consolidated Application (ConApp) in May will list nonprofit PS in district on “Other ESEA Nonprofit PS Participation” page.
  • ConApp due June 30 will include completed “Other ESEA Nonprofit PS Participation” page.
  • Finalize actions related to programs and services for next school year.
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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, August 16, 2022