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Private Schools

Information and resources for operating private schools, including state requirements for private schools.

State Requirements

Affidavit Filing Requirements

California Education Code (EC) Section 33190External link opens in new window or tab. states that persons, firms, associations, partnerships, or corporations offering or conducting private school instruction at the elementary or high school level for students between the ages of six and eighteen years shall annually file the Private School Affidavit (PSA) between October 1 and 15. However, the PSA filing system is open throughout the school year beginning August 1 and ending June 30 to accommodate new schools and home schools. Schools established during the month of July, shall wait to file an affidavit until the PSA filing period begins in August. A PSA can be filed beginning August 1 of each year.

Private School Affidavit Information
Obtain information on the private school affidavit, or access the affidavit filing system to file an affidavit.

Compulsory Education Requirements

California’s compulsory education law requires that children age six through eighteen attend a public day school. Per EC Section 48222External link opens in new window or tab., students who are enrolled in a private school that has complied with the affidavit filing requirements are exempt from the compulsory education law.

Education Code for Private Schools

For more information on California Education Code that applies to private schools, visit the Education Code for Private Schools web page.


2023-24 Private School Affidavit Filing Reminder Notice (Dated 09-Nov-2023)
Reminder notice sent to selected private schools to file the 2023-24 PSA.

2023-24 Private School Affidavit Filing Confirmation Number Follow-up Notice (Dated 5-Jul-2023)
Follow-up to reminder notice sent to all private schools containing the previous year confirmation number needed for filing the 2023-24 PSA.

2023-24 Private School Affidavit Filing Reminder Notice (Dated 5-Jul-2023)
Reminder notice sent to all private schools regarding the filing of the 2023-24 PSA beginning August 1, 2023.

Homeschooling Guidance, Reminders and Resources for Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) (Dated 5-Jul-2023)
The purpose of this notice is to provide resources to LEAs to aid in informing parents of their legal requirements for homeschooling, to remind LEAs of their responsibility to verify compulsory education exemptions, and to highlight available resources for verifying compulsory education exemptions for students enrolled in private/home schools for the 2023-24 school year.


Private School Affidavit Information
Information on filing and maintaining a PSA.

Private School Resources
Links to web sites for selected state and federal agencies that have information, programs, or requirements related to private schools.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions regarding private schools in California.

Schooling at Home
Information and resources for educating children at home.

Equitable Services Professional Development
Information and resources related to non-profit private schools professional development consultation (Title II, Part A).

Private School Data
Provides access to private school directory information, as well as information reported on the Private School Affidavit.

California School Directory
The California School Directory contains information about all California public schools, private schools, nonpublic nonsectarian schools, school districts, and county offices of education.

Student Records and Transcripts
Resources for obtaining student records and transcripts.

Contact Information

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Private School Data

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