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Dyslexia Guidelines Table 6.2

Relationship of error patterns to potential memory deficits.

YES = Relationship

NO = No Relationship

Error Patterns Active Working Memory Retrieval Memory Auditory Memory Channels Selective Memory Convergent Memory Memory Capacity Memory for Detail Memory Storage Short-term Memory
Slow rate of reading and weak recall of content NO YES YES NO YES YES NO NO NO
Sentence-level confusion of content YES NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO
Comprehension of sentences with weak recall of paragraphs YES YES NO NO NO YES NO YES YES
Recall stronger from initial content than later content YES NO NO YES NO YES NO NO YES
Recall stronger from later content than beginning of reading material NO YES NO NO NO YES NO YES NO
Recall of basic facts but weak grasp of main concepts NO NO YES YES YES YES NO NO NO
Retention of main concepts but with missing details YES YES NO YES NO YES NO NO NO
Understanding of content with weak inferential capability NO NO NO NO YES NO NO NO NO
Understanding of narrative writing but weaknesses related to expository materials YES NO NO NO NO YES NO YES NO
Difficulties with figurative language, taking perspective, and fact versus opinion NO NO YES NO NO NO NO NO NO
Improved recall when material read aloud YES NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO
Weak skills at summarizing NO YES NO NO YES NO YES YES YES
Ability to answer questions when referencing text but inability to summarize or recall NO YES NO YES NO NO YES YES YES
Weak comprehension despite good decoding NO NO YES NO YES NO NO YES NO


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Last Reviewed: Friday, March 13, 2020
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