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2016 WorkAbility I Region Contact Information

Region assignments and contact information for 2016.

WorkAbility I (WAI) projects are assigned to regions geographically. Region managers are responsible for providing guidance for the WAI site directors who in turn provide guidance to the local program organizations. Mentors provide mentor trainings within local region. Offer support, collaborate with regional teams, assist in the special conditions process, and provide responses to frequently asked questions. Contact information is below and is also available by linking to a map displaying the regions and the accessible alternative version of the map displaying the regions.

Advisory Chair: Chris Le Roy at or 707-399-4805

Advisory Secretary: Lisa Martinez at or 909-880-6824

Technical Support: Cheryl Ramos at CherylR@VUSD.SolanoCOE.K12.CA.US or 707-453-7211

Region Contact Position Phone Number E-mail Address
1 Linda Osborn Manager 562-401-5714
1 Lisa Garcia Manager 626-821-8370 Ext 1111
1 Kevin Sarkissian Mentor 661-251-3973
1 Linda Lindley Mentor 818-729-4495
2 Liz Zastrow Manager 209-331-7086
2 Mitzi Faulkner Manager 209-257-5368
2 Margaret St. George Mentor 209-468-4908
2 Melissa Mills Mentor 559-457-3220
3 Lisa Fettig Manager 530-723-8888
3 Joyce Montgomery Manager 707-556-1700 Ext 50721
3 Vicki Rich Mentor 530-757-5400 Ext 186
3 Rich Fujii Mentor 650-940-7456
4 Joanne Smith Manager 916-686-7758
4 Barbara Watts Manager 916-782-3781 Ext 2050
4 Rinky Basi Mentor 530-822-5120 Ext 3023
4 Chris Connelly Mentor 916-632-1600 Ext 6155
5 Concepcion Altamirano Manager 951-352-8316 ext. 61126
5 Nathan Molina Manager 760-331-9647
5 Lisa Lennox Mentor 909-580-5002 Ext 6296
5 Mary Sterling-Torretti Mentor 858-259-8155

Questions: Nicolas Wavrin | | 916-327-3932 
Last Reviewed: Wednesday, October 24, 2018
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