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Part 4: Informal Procurement Methods

Part 4 in the Procurement Guidance Series online training.

Course Description

This online training describes the two informal procurement methods—the micropurchase method, and the small purchase method. Additionally, the training describes when each method is appropriate, the thresholds for each method, applicable state laws they may need to follow, and how to properly procure goods and services using these methods.

  • Course Number: 679
  • Training Length: 45 minutes
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Target Audience: School business officials and food service staff
  • Mandatory: No
  • Cost: Free
  • Date Recorded: September 2022

Online Course

Begin the Part 4: Informal Procurement Methods course.

Referenced Resources

The following resources are referred to throughout this online course:


  • Crediting: 0.75 hours
  • Key Area: Operations (2000)
    • Training Topic: Purchasing (2400)
      • Learning Objective: Purchasing food, supplies, and equipment through vendors (2430)

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If you have technical difficulties, please contact the Nutrition Services Division Procurement Resources Unit by email at .

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