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Teaching Assistant, School for the Deaf

The Teaching Assistant at the Schools for the Deaf assists classroom teachers in the instructional programs for children who attend a California School for the Deaf.

Job Description

The Teaching Assistant at the Schools for the Deaf assists the teacher in the conduct of lessons and other classroom activities, including program and curriculum presentation to students, administration and correction of tests, and related classroom activities; tutors students; operates classroom equipment; assists in the preparation of graphic and written teaching materials; keeps routine records; grades objective examinations; attends to children’s physical needs in the classroom; assists in supervising children on campus and on educational field trips; confers as needed with teachers concerning programs and materials to meet student needs; and files and stores materials as directed.

Examination Bulletin

Please read the entire bulletin to obtain specific information about this examination.

Qualifications Assessment Questionnaire

The California civil service selection system is merit-based, and eligibility for appointment is established through a formal examination process. The Teaching Assistant examination consists of a Qualifications Assessment Questionnaire (QAQ) that will be used to evaluate your experience, education, and training. The QAQ is the entire examination and will account for 100% of your score. Candidates will receive notification of their score by mail.

General Instructions/How to apply

To apply for this examination, you must submit a complete application package which includes an Employment and/or Examination Application (STD. 678), the Qualifications Assessment Questionnaire with the Affirmation Statement, and evidence of completion of the education requirement.

Please submit your completed application package to:

California Department of Education
Examination & Recruitment Office
1430 N Street, Room 1802
Sacramento, CA 95814

Vacant Positions

If you are successful in the Teaching Assistant examination, your name will be placed on an eligible list used for hiring. You may receive contact letters inviting you to participate in hiring interviews for Teaching Assistant positions. You should review and familiarize yourself with the position description and job duties listed on the Job Announcement prior to your hiring interview.

Questions:   Examinations & Recruitment Office | | 916-319-0348
Last Reviewed: Tuesday, January 2, 2024
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