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Computer Science Standards Development Process

This chart illustrates the major events in the CA CSS development process.
Schedule Events
September 2014
  • Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 1539 into law. This bill requires that the Instructional Quality Commission (IQC) consider developing and recommending CA CSS to the State Board of Education.

September – October 2016

  • Recruitment of Focus Group Members, which will be appointed by the Superintendent.
November 2016
  • Meetings of three Focus Groups.

January 2017

  • Standards Advisory Committee (SAC) recruitment application published online.

January – March 2017

  • Recruitment of SAC members (at least 45 days).

May 2017

  • IQC reviews Focus Group Report, recommends SAC members and guidance to the State Board of Education (SBE).

July 2017

  • SBE appoints SAC members and approves IQC guidance for the CA CSS.

September 2017– January 2018

  • Four SAC meetings held.

January 2018

  • IQC Educational Technology Subject Matter Committee (ETSMC) reviews draft CA CSS.
  • IQC/SSPI approves draft CA CSS for 60-Day Public Review.

February – April 2018

  • Draft CA CSS posted on Internet for 60-Day Public Review

May 2018

  • ETSMC reviews public comments, and staff recommendations for edits to draft CA CSS.

July 2018

  • IQC/SSPI recommends draft CA CSS to the SBE.

September 2018

  • SBE action on IQC’s recommended CA CSS with public hearing.

Note: This standards development schedule has not been adopted by the Instructional Quality Commission or the State Board of Education.

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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, May 11, 2022
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