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Commissions & Committees

Information for advisory bodies, committees, and commissions established by or administered by the California State Board of Education.
Application Information
Application forms and information for appointment to commissions, councils, or committees.
Advisory Commission on Charter Schools
Advisories, meeting notices, meeting agendas, and member information.
Advisory Commission on Special Education
Member information, liaison assignments, calendar, meeting minutes and agendas, and annual reports.
California Practitioners Advisory Group
Information about the State Board of Education’s California Practitioners Advisory Group, which provides input regarding local, state, and federal accountability and also serves as the Title I Committee of Practitioners.
Instructional Quality Commission
Information about the Instructional Quality Commission, formerly known as the Curriculum Development & Supplemental Materials Commission.
Recently Posted in Commissions & Committees
  • CPAG 2019 Meeting Dates (added 08-Aug-2018)
    California Practitioners Advisory Group 2019 meeting dates.
  • 2020 IQC Meeting Dates (added 02-Aug-2018)
    The IQC holds a minimum of four two-day meetings a year with additional subcommittee meetings. Some members may also attend meetings of other official and related organizations as liaisons.
  • August 13, 2018 Public Meeting Notice/Agenda (added 02-Aug-2018)
    The Instructional Quality Commission is holding a public comment meeting for the 2018 Science Adoption of Instructional Materials, Kindergarten through Grade Eight.
  • Preliminary Draft Meeting Notes June 12, 2018 (added 23-Jul-2018)
    Advisory Commission on Charter Schools (ACCS) preliminary notes for the June 12, 2018, meeting.
  • Proposed 2020 IQC Meeting Dates (added 12-Jul-2018)
    Proposed Instructional Quality Commission Meeting Dates for Year 2020.