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SBE Member Assignments

List of California State Board of Education member assignments in various committees and liaison assignments.

Member Assignments in the Member Committees and Member Liaison Assignments -- Commissions & Committees and Functional Areas – January 2019.

Member Committees

Screening Committee, State Board of Education

(required, SBE Bylaws, Art. VI, Sec. 1)

  • Sue Burr, Chair
  • Feliza Ortiz-Licon
  • Vacancy

Member Liaison Assignments

(Commissions and Committees)

Advisory Commission on Charter Schools (ACCS)

(EC 33031 and 47634.2(b)(1))

  • Vacancy

Advisory Commission on Special Education (ACSE)

(EC 33590)

  • Niki Sandoval

California Association of Student Councils (CASC)

(Student Advisory Board on Education)

  • Gema Cardenas (through July 31, 2019)
  • Vacancy

California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC)

(required, SBE Bylaws, Art.XII, Sec. 1 (d))

  • Ilene Straus

California Practitioners Advisory Group (CPAG)

  • Ilene Straus

Instructional Quality Commission

(EC 33530)

  • Patricia Rucker - Mathematics
  • Patricia Rucker/Niki Sandoval - History/Social Science
  • Ilene Straus - English Language Arts/English Language Development
  • Ilene Straus - Science
  • Niki Sandoval - Visual and Performing Arts
  • Feliza Ortiz-Licon - Ethnic Studies
  • Feliza Ortiz-Licon - Health
  • Vacancy - World Language
  • Vacancy - Computer Science

Joint Advisory Committee on Workforce Pathways

(EC 12053)

  • Feliza Ortiz-Licon
  • Patricia Rucker
  • Ting Sun, Vice Chair

Trustees of the California State Summer School for the Arts

(EC 8952.5)

  • Niki Sandoval
  • Merryl Goldberg

Concurrence Commission - CA Subject Matter Projects

(EC 99200(d))

  • Ilene Straus


(SBE Bylaws reference WestEd’s Joint Powers Agreement)

  • Mary Barlow
  • Richard Duran
  • David W. Gordon
  • Dale Marsden
  • Stephanie Phillips

Member Liaison Assignments

(Functional Areas)


(discretionary, SBE Bylaws, Art. VI, Sec. 2)

  • Sue Burr
  • Ting Sun

English Learners

  • Feliza Ortiz-Licon
  • Vacancy


(discretionary, SBE Bylaws, Art. VI, Sec. 2)

  • Sue Burr (Bonded Indebtedness)
  • Niki Sandoval (Class Size Penalty and Special Education)
  • Patricia Rucker (All other waivers)

Local Control Funding Formula/ Accountability

(EC 42238.07, EC 52064, EC 52064.5)

  • Sue Burr
  • Ilene Straus

California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE)

(EC 52074)

  • Sue Burr, Chair
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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, February 27, 2019
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