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CBEDS Certification Process & Inaccuracies in Data

The California Department of Education's (CDE's) process for certifying statewide California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS) data, as well as the CDE's policy on inaccuracies in certified data.

CBEDS is an annual data collection that collects information on local educational agencies (LEAs), as well as select aggregate student and staff demographics. Data are collected from every public district/county office of education and school. For more information on CBEDS and the data collected, please visit the CDE CBEDS Web page.

CBEDS Certification Process

CBEDS data are collected annually as of the first Wednesday in October. Data are submitted by LEA staff to the CDE at the end of October. Once data are received from all LEAs, CDE staff review the data by performing trend analysis and data validation checks, and they work with LEA staff to resolve any apparent anomalies or inaccuracies in the data. During this data review process, LEAs are allowed to decertify and resubmit their CBEDS data as many times as necessary to ensure an accurate data submission. Once the review process is complete, the CDE certifies the statewide CBEDS data and begins posting the data on the CDE DataQuest Web site and the CDE CBEDS School/District Downloadable Data Files Web pages. At that time, no further changes to the data may be made.

Policy on Inaccuracies in Certified Data

Once the statewide CBEDS data have been certified by the CDE, further changes to the data may not be made, unless such errors in the data are a result of a problem during the processing of data by the CDE. If LEAs notice inaccuracies in their data after the statewide data have been certified by the CDE, and these inaccuracies are due to problems on the LEA side, there is nothing that the CDE can do to correct the data in the certified files. If allocation of funds is expected to be impacted by the data inaccuracy, LEAs are encouraged to work directly with the funding office(s) to resolve any impact the incorrect data may have on the issuing of funds.

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, January 30, 2024