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Funding Results

Learning Loss Mitigation Fund

Note: Recipients and funding amounts are subject to budget and administrative adjustments.

Learning Loss Mitigation funding allocations, apportionments, and letters detailing funding information for fiscal year 2020–21.

Program Questions: CARES Act, email:

Fiscal Questions: Julie Klein Briggs, email:

Learning Loss Mitigation Funding Overview

Learning Loss Mitigation Funding
Information about the program including, application for funds, funding sources, uses of funds, applicable federal rules and regulations, and frequently asked questions.


Schedule of Learning Loss Mitigation Fund, 2020–21 Allocations (XLSX; Sep-2020)


Coronavirus Relief Fund

Letter of the First Apportionment - 21-Aug-2020
Schedule of the First Apportionment (XLSX)

State General Fund

Letter of the First Apportionment - 21-Aug-2020
Schedule of the First Apportionment (XLSX)

Governor's Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Fund
Sixth Apportionment

Letter of the Sixth Apportionment - 25-Mar-2022
Schedule of the Sixth Apportionment (XLSX)

Fifth Apportionment

Letter of the Fifth Apportionment - 30-Dec-2021
Schedule of the Fifth Apportionment (XLSX)

Fourth Apportionment

Letter of the Fourth Apportionment - 02-Nov-2021
Schedule of the Fourth Apportionment (XLSX)

Third Apportionment

Letter of the Third Apportionment - 27-May-2021
Schedule of the Third Apportionment (XLSX)

Second Apportionment

Letter of the Second Apportionment - 02-Mar-2021
Schedule fo the Second Apportionment (XLSX)

First Apportionment

Letter of the First Apportionment - 10-Dec-2020
Schedule of the First Apportionment (XLSX)

More about Learning Loss Mitigation Fund

Last Reviewed: Wednesday, April 13, 2022
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