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ASES Payment Schedule

The payment schedule for the After School Education and Safety (ASES) grant.

Payments will be issued in three increments each year (California Education Code Section 8482.4[f]).

Percent of the Total Funded Grant Amount Date Issued and Reporting Requirements

65 percent

Payment will be processed after July 1, within 30 days upon the receipt of a signed Grant Award Notification (AO-400).

25 percent

Payment will be processed after February 1 upon receipt of the First Semiannual Attendance Report and Second Quarter Expenditure Report.

10 percent

Payment will be processed after August 15 upon receipt of the Second Semiannual Attendance Report and Fourth Quarter Expenditure Report. If all required reports have been submitted and grant expenditures exceed 90 percent of the grant amount, the grantee will receive the final 10 percent payment.

Payments will be withheld if reporting requirements are not met or if the grantee has invoices outstanding of more than 90 days (EC sections 8483.7[a][1][A] and 8483.8[a]).

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Last Reviewed: Friday, June 09, 2023