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Preschool Language Information System Support

Technical support and resources for the Preschool Language Information System.

The California Department of Education (CDE) procedures for California State Preschool Program (CSPP) contractors to identify and report data on children that are dual language learners enrolled in a CSPP are detailed on this page, pursuant to the requirements of Education Code (EC) Section 8241.5, enacted through Assembly Bill (AB) 1363 in 2021 and later modified by AB 210 (2022) and AB 321 (2022).

In order to meet the requirements as stated above, the Preschool Language Information System (PLIS) was established to collect this data in the form of quarterly PLIS Reports.

Resource Description
Details required data fields and instructions on creation and submission of the PLIS report.
Schedule of due dates and submission periods for the PLIS Report.
A data crosswalk between the informational fields contained in the PLIS Report and where this corresponding information can be found within the CDD-801A report in the CDMIS.
A sample file of an electronic file PLIS report containing the required header rows and example values.
Frequently asked questions regarding MB 23-03, the PLIS, and the PLIS Report.
Management Bulletin 23-03 providing additional information on reporting requirements.
Webinar materials including previous and upcoming webinar dates, titles, and presentation slides.
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Last Reviewed: Friday, July 07, 2023
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