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Child Care Reporting--Provider Address

Provider Address (CDD-801B only)

The Provider Address information field indicates the actual street address where subsidized child care services were provided through an agency’s contract with the ELCD.

Where to Find It

This information should be in the family’s file.

Note: Check to see if the family has a subsequent Notice of Action on file (not the initial notice) that applies to the report period (i.e., completed on or before the report period as indicated by the Effective Date of Action). If such a Notice of Action is on file, enter the updated information that reflects the child care provider's current street address.

Rules and Guidelines

  • This information field is required.
  • The collection of providers’ street addresses went into effect with the October 2013 CDD-801B.
  • P.O. Box information is not allowed.
  • The address must be the physical street address (i.e., 123 Short Street, 84113 North Green Avenue, etc.).
  • Abbreviated street names are not allowed.
  • If a child receives subsidized child care services from the same provider but at more than one address during the report period, agencies report two providers for the child so that both addresses are reported.

Error Messages and Solutions

  • The Provider Address is required.

Problem: The Provider Address field is blank. This field must have information.

Solution: Enter the provider's street address.

  • The Provider Address is not valid.

Problem: Unacceptable information for the Provider Address is entered.

Solution: Confirm that no P.O. Box information is entered. Confirm that the provider address is at least 10 characters long.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am trying to enter a Provider Address, but the system is giving me the error "The Provider Address is not valid" and I cannot save the information. What do I do?

    The physical street address for each child's subsidized child care provider is required. Confirm that the actual street address of the site or home where the subsidized child care services were provided during the report period is entered correctly.
  • Our agency operates several sites. We have a child who received services at one of our sites during the first part of the month, but transferred to a different site during the last part of the month. How do we report this?

    Agencies report two providers for children receiving subsidized child care services operated by the same provider at two different locations. All the provider information is the same except each would reflect a different street address (and possibly a different zip code).


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