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Reimbursement Fact Sheet Fiscal Year 2018-19

Child Care and Development Programs
FY 2018–19 Budget Act
Center-based Direct Services

The following are the governing rates for Fiscal Year (FY) 2018–19 for center-based direct service contracts:

The Standard Reimbursement Rate (SRR) for General Child Care (CCTR) and Migrant (CMIG) is $47.98 per child day of enrollment (cde) or $11,995.00 per annum based on 250 days of operation (California Education Code [EC] Section 8265 [b] and State Budget Act of 2018, Item 6100-194-0001, Provision 5).

The SRR for full-day California State Preschool Program (CSPP) is $48.28 per cde or $12,070.00 per annum based on 250 days of operation (California [EC] Section 8265 [b] and State Budget Act of 2018, Item 6100-196-0001, Provision 3).

Adjustment Factors
Applicable to reimbursement in accordance with the SRR (EC Section 8265.5)
Children Meeting Specified Criteria Adjustment Factor Adjusted SRR
as $47.98
Adjusted Full-Day State Preschool Rate as $48.28
Infants (birth up to 18 months) 2.07
$99.32 per cde
Toddlers (18 months up to 36 months)
$76.77 per cde
Family Child Care Homes infants and toddlers (birth up to 36 months)
$67.17 per cde
Exceptional Needs
$65.73 per cde
$66.14 per cde
Limited or Non-English Proficient
$52.78 per cde
$53.11 per cde
Children At Risk of Abuse or Neglect
$52.78 per cde
$53.11 per cde
Severely Disabled
$82.29 per cde
$82.80 per cde

The SRR for part-day CSPP is $29.90 per cde or $5,232.50 per annum for 175 days of operation (State Budget Act of 2018, Item 6100-196-0001, Provision 3).

The reimbursement rate for Severely Handicapped (CHAN) programs is $72.97 per cde (Alameda County) and $76.44 per cde (San Francisco County).

Age Classifications for Eligibility
Age Classification and Time Base Center-Based Regional Market Rate
Birth up to 18 months
Birth up to 24 months
18 months up to 36 months
Preschool Age
36 months up to Kindergarten
24 month up to age 6
School Age
Kindergarten up to age 13
6 years up to 13 years
Time base: Full-time
6.5 + hours per day
30 + hours per week
Questions:   Early Learning and Care Division | 916-322-6233
Last Reviewed: Monday, December 30, 2019
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