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Compliance and Improvement Monitoring Process

The Special Education monitoring framework is the Compliance and Improvement Monitoring (CIM) process. This page shows where local educational agencies (LEAs) can locate their support and monitoring tier.

The California Department of Education's monitoring framework uses a tiered system that differentiates the level of monitoring and technical assistance supports for each local educational agency (LEA) based on data analyses and that LEA’s need. At the core of the monitoring framework is the Compliance and Improvement Monitoring (CIM) process. LEAs in targeted or intensive monitoring for performance are required to participate in and complete the CIM process as part of their ongoing, annual monitoring activity. The CIM process is a series of steps and activities aimed at the state identifying and assisting LEAs to identify areas for correction and improvement and developing an integrated plan to address them. This process is built to ensure that LEAs, with differentiated levels of involvement and review, examine a wide-range of both compliance and performance data and identify the root causes of areas of concern so that an effective improvement plan can be developed and implemented.

The CIM is a multi-year process and recognizes that meaningful improvement likely does not occur in a short period of time and requires sustained focus on the areas in need of improvement to effect positive outcomes for students with disabilities (SWDs).

2022 Monitoring Level

In the annual determination letter you received on March 14, 2022, you were identified as one of the following levels, please select the link to learn more about the next steps.

Significantly Disproportionate

Intensive Level 1

Intensive Level 2

Intensive Level 3

Targeted Level 2

Targeted Level 3

Cyclical Monitoring for Small LEAs

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Last Reviewed: Friday, September 16, 2022
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