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Comparability Form Completion Instructions

For local educational agencies (LEAs) to use for planning purposes in calculating Teacher Full-time Equivalent, to determine Title I, Part A Comparability of Services among schools within the LEA.

Starting with the 2019-20 school year, local educational agencies (LEA) will begin using the calculation forms and instructions (revised August 2019) to determine comparability of services.

  1. Capture student enrollment data and full-time equivalent (FTE) teacher calculations per school on the same date:
    1. Identify FTE Teachers
      1. Calculate FTE teachers paid using state and local funds by school; exclude teachers paid with federal and/or private funds.
      2. Enter the calculations in the “Full-time Equivalent Teacher Calculation Form”
        • Complete one form for each school within the LEA
    2. Determine student enrollment per school on the same date that the FTE teacher calculations are collected
  2. Calculate the student/FTE teacher ratio for each school
    1. For each school to be comparable, the student/FTE teacher ratio must be equal to or less than (≤) 115 percent of the average student/FTE teacher ratio of all schools AND equal to or greater than (≥) 85 percent of the average student/FTE teacher ratio of all the schools in the LEA, the school is comparable.
    2. If the student/FTE teacher ratio is greater than 115 percent or less than 85 percent, then the school is not comparable
  3. Complete either the:
    1. Student/FTE Teacher Ratio Calculation form for All Schools LEA-wide (regardless of the grade span group), OR
    2. Student/FTE Teacher Ratio Calculation form by Grade-span Group within the LEA
      1. Each school is assigned one of the following three grade-span group codes:
        1. Grade Span Group Code 1 (generally elementary grades)
        2. Grade Span Group Code 2 (generally middle grades), and
        3. Grade Span Group Code 3 (generally high schools).
  4. Retain records that are updated annually documenting the LEA’s compliance with the above requirement.
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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, August 7, 2019