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Dashboard Flyers

Reader-friendly one- and two-page summaries of each of the state indicators and key components of the Dashboard.
Important Notice

With the approval of Senate Bill (SB) 98 in June 2020, the California Department of Education (CDE) is prohibited from reporting state and local indicators on the 2020 Dashboard. However, state law requires that the CDE publish valid and reliable data that would have been included in the 2020 Dashboard. To meet this requirement, the CDE has published the College/Career Measures Report and Graduation Rate Additional Report.

More information on the data contained in the 2020 Additional Reports (PDF).

2020 Dashboard Flyers

Data Reported on the 2020 Dashboard (PDF)
An overview of what is still being reported on the 2020 Dashboard and the expectations for future Dashboard.

Changes to Academic Indicator Participation Rate Calculation for the Dashboard (PDF)
Explains the new methodology for calculating Participation Rate and how it impacts the Academic Indicator.

Changes to District of Residence Rule for Students with Disabilities (PDF)
Information on the changes to the District of Residence Rule for students with disabilities on the California School Dashboard.

Understanding the College Career Readiness Measure

Other Dashboard Information Flyers

Determining Charter School Performance Category (PDF)
Explains the criteria used to determine performance categories for the Renewal of Charter schools under Assembly Bill (AB) 1505 Legislation.

What is the 3x5 Colored Grid? (PDF)
Information on how the 3x5 grid is used for small student populations and how it is used to determine performance levels for state measures.

Who is Included in the English Learner Student Group? (PDF)
An explanation of how the English learner student group is included in each indicator.

Archived Dashboard Flyers

2019 Dashboard State Indicator Flyers

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