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CDE Monitoring Tool (CMT) FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the California Department of Education (CDE) Monitoring Tool (CMT).

CMT facilitates the local educational agency's (LEA’s) response to state and federal requirements during program monitoring.

The following are frequently asked questions regarding the monitoring tool.

Scope of Tool

What programs/processes are managed in the CMT?

The programs participating in the Federal Programs Monitoring (FPM) reviews are managed in CMT.

What features are included in the CMT?

The CMT contains monitoring instruments, evidence of compliance, comments and guidance documents specific to the programs participating in FPM.

How should LEAs organize documents or prepare for reviews?

LEAs identified for FPM review receive training on how to gather evidence and prepare for reviews by the FPM office and individual program offices prior to the start of the monitoring year.

Does the CMT interact with other CDE electronic systems?

The CMT utilizes the Centralized Authentication System (CAS) which is the same user management system as CARS but users do not need to have access to CARS to be able to access CMT.

CMT Access

How are LEAs given access to the CMT?

Designated Agency Review Coordinators are assigned to CMT by the FPM office at the CDE. Additional users may be assigned to CMT by the Agency Review Coordinator. CAS user accounts are specific to each user and must not be shared.


Can comments be visible as a conversation thread or summary, as opposed to individual comments, so they don’t have to be opened one by one?

Yes. Because comments are posted based on the activity; evidence request, Instrument, or Instrument Item level and not addressed to a person, all users see all comments based on assigned roles. Agency staff see comments to the agency they’re assigned.
The system is designed to display the most recent comments in a conversation thread with the ability to expand the thread.

Will CMT users receive copies of comments via email?

Comments are visible in CMT and will not be sent via E-mail.


Do agencies ‘certify’ evidence requests with multiple items of evidence or are they certifying individual documents?

Agencies certify Evidence Requests. Multiple documents may be linked to one Evidence Request.
The Reviewer locks the link to the individual documents.

Will reviewers be able to begin reviewing evidence before the agency certifies that evidence request and the linked documents?

Reviewers cannot view documents until the Agency has certified the Evidence Request.

How is the evidence organized in CMT for review? How will the agency know where to upload their documentation?

Evidence is organized by the Evidence Request(s) corresponding to each Instrument Item.
The agency screen displays the Evidence Requests for each Instrument Item. The agency uploads evidence to the agency Documents area, links the evidence to the appropriate Evidence Request(s), and then certifies the Evidence Requests.


Will CMT display the 45 day and 225 day deadlines?

CMT will display the 45 Day Resolution Deadline and any subsequent Resolution Extension Deadlines.

Questions:   Federal Program Monitoring Office | | 916-319-0935
Last Reviewed: Tuesday, May 02, 2023