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Department Information

Information about the California Department of Education.
Acronyms & Initialisms
Common acronyms and initialisms used by the California Department of Education (CDE).
California Department of Education FAQ
Frequently asked questions regarding general education topics.
CDE Currents
The CDE Currents Newsletter contains information about CDE staff and the work they do.
Contact Us
Physical location, phone number, and other general contact information regarding the California Department of Education.
Copyright Statement
Discloses the copyright practices for the California Department of Education.
Decisions Pending & Opportunities for Public Participation
Information on department-related bulletins and notices, public meetings and agendas, and instructions on how the public may submit written comments or otherwise participate in administrative proceedings, meetings, and hearings.
Disaster Resources
Assistance for Victims of a Disaster within California.
Equal Opportunity & Access
Discloses the practices of the California Department of Education to ensure equal, fair, and meaningful access to its employment and program services.
Jobs at CDE
Examinations and jobs available with the California Department of Education.
Department offices and links to Web pages where more information is available.
Audience-specific Web pages on the California Department of Education Web site. Use these Web pages to find information that is hand-picked just for you.
State Leadership Accountability Act
The State Leadership Accountability Act (SLAA) requires state agencies to maintain effective systems of internal control and to biennially report on the adequacy of the agency’s systems of internal control.
Student Records & Transcripts
Resources for obtaining student records and transcripts.
Web Site Information
Policy, standards, and other information pertaining to the California Department of Education Internet Web site.
Recently Posted in Department Information
  • 2019 Leadership Accountability Report (added 12-Mar-2020)
    In accordance with the State Leadership Accountability Act (Leadership Accountability), the Department of Education submits this report on the review of our internal control and monitoring systems for the biennial period ending December 31, 2019.
  • Supervisor of Residence Programs, CSB (added 10-Feb-2020)
    Examination Bulletin for the Supervisor of Residence Programs, School for the Blind (CSB) in the California Department of Education.