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U.S. Senate Youth Program Instructions

Instructions for the 2024 U.S. Senate Youth Program Application and Exam.

To apply for the 2024 U.S. Senate Youth Program (USSYP), students must meet these minimum qualifications for eligibility:

  • Show demonstrated leadership through public service in elected or appointed positions in which they are actively representing a constituency in organizations related to government, education, public affairs, and/or community service.
  • Must be actively serving in qualified leadership positions, enrolled in high school as a junior or senior, and living in California for the entire 2023–2024 academic year.
  • Must be a legal citizen or permanent resident of the United States at the time of application.

If the above has been met, then the student needs to complete Part A and Part B of the USSYP California Qualifying Application and Exam. The deadline to apply for the 2024 USSYP is Monday, October 9, 2023, at 4 p.m.

Part A (Application/Nomination Form)

NOTE: Students should begin working on Part A first while gathering the above list of required signatures and documents.

A completed Part A packet with all five required documents must be emailed as a single PDF to using this naming convention: Last Name First Name 2024 USSYP Part A

Part B (Application and Exam)
  • Complete and submit the 2024 USSYP California Student Application Part B and Exam (Note: The Online Survey now closed).

NOTE: Students may either complete the survey exam in one sitting or can work on the application in multiple sittings since there is a save feature within the survey application. Please allow adequate time to complete the entire application and exam which may take a few hours.

Additional Notes
  • Late applications will not be considered.
  • Incomplete submissions may be disqualified.
  • Please do not submit additional materials besides the required elements since they will not be evaluated.
  • Student interviews may be held as the final part of the process.
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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, October 18, 2023