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LPSBG Required Report Number One Prompts

Prompts for the Low-Performing Students Block Grant (LPSBG) Required Report Number One.

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Below are the prompts from the Required Report Number One for the LPSBG. These prompts are being provided as a reference only. Please note, the prompts below must be answered and submitted on or before March 1, 2019, in the found in the Reporting Requirements section of the LPSBG Program Information web page.

  1. What is the official local educational agency (LEA) name?

    Note: If you are responding on behalf of more than one LEA, you must submit a separate report for each LEA. Additionally, there is only one submission allowed per LEA. If an LEA submits the report multiple times, only the most recent submission will be used. Ensure only authorized personnel complete the report.
  1. What is the LEA County/District/School (CDS) Code?

  2. Is the LEA a charter school?

  3. Enter information on the LEA’s primary and secondary contacts for the administration of LPSBG funds in the text boxes below.

  4. Does this LEA choose to accept LPSBG funding?

  5. Use the textboxes below to report information on the LPSBG plan. (California Education Code [EC] Section 41570[f][1]–[2] External link opens in new window or tab.).

  6. Summarize how the funds will be used to increase or improve evidence-based services for pupils identified pursuant to EC Section 41570(d) External link opens in new window or tab..

  7. How will the effectiveness of the evidence-based services be measured?

  8. How are services aligned with and described in the LEA’s local control and accountability plan?

  9. On what date was the LPSBG plan discussed and adopted at a regularly scheduled meeting of the governing board of the school district, county board of education, or the governing body of the charter school? (California EC Section 41570[f][1]–[2] External link opens in new window or tab. )

For additional information about the LPSBG, please visit the LPSBG home page.

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Last Reviewed: Thursday, January 31, 2019
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