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The Nutrition Services Division (NSD) send messages via Listserv to program operators and contacts. The messages contained in the tabs below are identified by program and sponsor type. Program types include the School Nutrition Program (SNP), Seamless Summer Option (SSO), Summer Food Service Programs (SFSP), Food Distribution Program (FDP), and Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). CACFP sponsor types include Day Care Homes (DCH), Child Care Centers (CCC), and Adult Day Care (ADC). SNP sponsor types include Residential Child Care Institutes (RCCI), and County Office of Education (COE). SNP role types include Chief Business Officer (CBO), and Food service Director (FSD). Specialized messages intended for target audiences are marked with an asterisk (*) and are not applicable to entire program and sponsor types.

Note: Messages on this page will remain for three months before being removed.


Proclamations that affect our program operators and state.


Notice Date Title Applicable to
7/27/2021 SNP Meal Pattern Waiver Application SY 2021–22 SNP
7/19/2021 Governor Newsom Declares State of Emergency in Siskiyou, Lassen, and Plumas Counties Due to Fires SNP and SFSP sponsors in Siskiyou, Lassen and Plumas Counties


Notice Date Title Applicable to
6/30/2021 USDA Resources for Shelters Feeding Homeless Youth and Families CACFP
6/28/2021 CACFP Emergency Operational Costs Reimbursement Implementation Plan Approved by the USDA SNP, CACFP
6/25/2021 Webinar: Tuesday @ 2 School Nutrition Town Hall on July 27 SNP, SSO, SFSP
6/18/2021 Emergency Operating Costs Reimbursement (ECR) Programs Frequently Asked Questions DCH, Sponsor of Independent Center/Sponsor of Unaffiliated Centers, Center Sponsors
6/15/2021 Emergency Shelter Reimbursement Question and Answer CACFP
6/15/2021 2021 Local School Wellness Policy Triennial Assessment Waiver SNP

CACFP Meal Pattern Waiver Application School Year 2021–22

6/15/2021 Questions and Answers for Child Nutrition Program (CNP) Operations SNP, SSO, SFSP
6/15/2021 School Year 2021–22 Initial Waiver Elections SNP, SSO, SFSP, CACFP
6/14/2021 Pandemic Electronic Benefit Tranfer (P-EBT) Stakeholder Meeting SNP
6/8/2021 P- EBT for 2020‒21 School Year School Age Children SNP FSD, CBO and Superintendents
6/7/2021 Reminder: Nationwide Waiver for Community Eligibility Provision Deadlines SNP
6/7/2021 Reminder: U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Child Nutrition Responses #73-81, Summer 2021 Extensions SNP, SSO, SFSP
6/7/2021 Reminder: P-EBT 2.0 Address Update Flyers SNP
6/7/2021 Reminder: Prepare Now for P-EBT 2.0 SNP
6/7/2021 Reminder: P-EBT Round 2.0 for Eligible Private School Students SNP Private Schools
6/7/2021 Reminder: Additional Guidance for 75 Cent Rate Increase SNP, SSO, SFSP
6/3/2021 2021–22 Guidance for NSLP Application or Alternative Form SNP, SSO

CACFP Sponsor Information for the ECR Program



Notice Date Title Applicable to
5/27/2021 Child Nutrition Response #97 SNP, SSO
5/25/2021 P-EBT Status Update SNP, CCC, DCH
5/21/2021 CACFP At-Risk Nationwide Waiver Clarification CACFP

Child Nutrition Programs Questions and Answers

5/5/2021 Reminder: School Year 2020–21 P- EBT SNP
5/5/2021 Reminder: SSO and SFSP Integrity Plan SSO, SFSP
5/3/2021 2021 Summer Waivers #74-81 SNP, SSO, SFSP, CACFP



Food recalls that could potentially affect our program operators and partners.


Notice Date Title Applicable to
7/23/2021 Grimmway Farms Voluntarily Recalls Certain Retail-Packaged Carrots SNP, SSO, SFSP, CACFP
7/20/2021 Green Dining Table, Inc. Recalls Pork Dumplings Due to Misbranding and Undeclared Allergens SNP, SSO, CACFP
7/6/2021 Tyson Foods Inc. Recalls Ready-To-Eat Chicken Products SNP




Announcements and availability of trainings, both sponsored by the NSD and those of the U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA) and other partners. Includes both in-person and e-learning offerings (conference calls and webinars).


Notice Date Title Applicable to
7/8/2021 Webinar: Accessing Nutrient, Allergen, and Ingredient information for U.S. Department of Agriculture Foods SNP, FDP
7/1/2021 Accessing CACFP: Training after July 1, 2021 CACFP


Notice Date Title Applicable to
4/27/2021 CA Local School Wellness Policy (LSWP) Webinar: SNPs and Student Mental Health SNP, SSO, SFSP, CACFP
4/2/2021 SFSP Mandatory Training is Now Available SFSP


Notifies program operators of the release of U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA) policy memoranda.


Notice Date Title Applicable to
7/26/2021 Assembly Bill 130, Universal Meals, and Other School Nutrition Updates SNP, SSO


Management Bulletin (MB)

Notifies program operators of the release of California Department of Education (CDE) NSD MBs.


Notice Date Title Applicable to
6/11/2021 School Year 2020–21 Processor Inventory Reconciliation FDP processors, distributors, recipient agencies


Notice Date Title Applicable to
4/1/2021 Reminder: California State Meal Mandate SNP Public, Charter, County Office of Education (COE) FSD


Applications, awards, surveys, announcements, and annual updates.


Notice Date Title Applicable to
7/22/2021 School Year 2021–22 Now Open in the CNIPS – Annual Update Guidance SNP, SSO

2021–22 CACFP Annual Update Child and Adult Care Centers

7/2/2021 SNP Emergency Operational Costs Reimbursement Implementation Plan Approved by the USDA SNP
7/1/2021 Paid Lunch Equity: Guidance for School Year 2021-22 SNP
7/1/2021 School Year 2021-22 Now Open in the Child Nutrition Information and Payment System - Annual Update Guidance SNP, SSO




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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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  • 2021–22 Child and Adult Care Centers Annual Update (added 14-Jul-2021)
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